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Posted by don aters on 02/16/02 - 11:44:57
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Hmmmmmmmm, didn't mean to get a "Holy War' started.  I love T. Lavitz and Jimmy herring, just not at an outdoor facility with mulyiple arrangements and no vocals.  hence the comment on "elevator music".  
The Who were astonishing at the NYC Benefit and Entwistle remains one of the great bassist/rockers of all time.
For the record, Phil couldn't sing "Back in the day", in isn't any better due to aging process.  He has a name, skills on chosen instrument far greater than Ratdog.
The band is now a permanent status, .........and Haynes is the most active player of his genre, i.e., ABB, Govt' Mule and P&F.
I doubt it would mandate a Rhodes Scholar to come to terms with Phil's lack of singing ability but that's why Warren sings most of the tunes.

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