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Posted by Pter Jolson on 02/16/02 - 08:41:57
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The ticket I have - possibly - for tonight, was given to me by a friend who can't go. He's already paid me back the money originally laid out for said ticket. In other words, it's essentially his ticket, not mine. If he gets his money back, good. If not, that's okay, too. Frankly, I'd sooner not have the responsibilty of having to unload the thing, as I just found out about it last night, and haven't had time to find a home for the ticket with a friend, let alone stranger. Anyway, the point being that there's no scalping going on here, simply trying to find a home for a lost ticket....

...and I agree - the Jonsers looking for free handouts at Dead concerts couldn't help but give the scene a bad name/feeling. In fact, it ruined it for me personally, and I was to see the GD only twice after 1988, both huge, disappointing Giants Stadium shows...

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