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Posted by Pter Jolson on 02/16/02 - 08:27:06
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Of course you're entitled to your opinion....now, if YOU wouldn't mind opening YOUR eyes and ears (though the self-rightous and arrogant manner of your post tells me you won't), I never "threatened" to not join JS3C as your "punishment" - where do you get the ego? Jesus Christ, if *I* were asking people for fifty grand, I'd be one hell of a lot more gracious about it than you seem capable.

Now...allow me to quote you here, so's I don't get this wrong:

"Your threat to get rid of your ticket tomorrow night is what?  You punishing JS because I offended your delicate hipoie[sic] sensibility?"

First of all, I have no "delicate hipoie" sensibilty to offend, you "presumptuous jaockass." Secondly, what's with this "punishment" paranoia? I said I have an extra ticket to unload - when the fuck did I ever say that it was *my* ticket, or that I wouldn't be going to the show and fully enjoying it tonight? ...and even if I *did* sell my ticket, how does putting someone else's ass in my seat add up to "punishing" anyone but myself? Your "dosin' days" may be "long past," but your paranoia (and remarkably gargantuan ego) apparently remain well intact.

...and I saw the current line up of The Who two years ago, and yes, they're amazingly, blazingly good...however this year I'm just not in the mood to drop two hundred bucks per ticket...the Royal Albert Hall DVD and soon to be released Pete Townsend Sadler's Wells Lifehouse DVD cranked up on surround sound with the subwoofer cranking is worth foregoing the travel/traffic jam/crowd control headaches my $200 would buy me....

"Can you be honest, or are you living out some Deadhead dream?"

P.S. - I find it rather pathetic that you would seem to so readily paint Deadheads in this fashion. It's as if you were saying you either have a good head on your shoulders, and your wits about you, or you're one of thos Dead people - some blissed-out, brain-dead, head-in-the-patchoulie "zombie."

Anyway, looking forward to one hell of a good time and great show tonight...

onward and upward and every way in between,

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