Yeah - PHIL sings like a goddamn bird ...

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Posted by Mission Control on 02/16/02 - 00:07:41
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... being run over by 100 tons of steel.  Maybe he should sing "We Built This City."

As for state fairs & Iron Butterfly - what does that have to do with the quality of JS's music.  Isn't this about MUSIC?  Oh, I forgot - it's about your blind devotion to PHIL.  Astonishing how the Dead "FAMILY" cannibalized itself after JERRY's passing - like the sons of Charlemagne in the 10th century.

Success is arbitrary ... not dependent on actual talent.  If it were you'd know JOHN RENBOURN, BERT JANSCH & INCREDIBLE STRING BAND as household names.  FILL & FRIENDS ... yeah right!

PAUL, MARTY & DIANA sing rings around most everybody - notwithstanding the fact that P+F make more money.  I suppose N'SYNCH is 'better' becaise they're bigger?

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