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Posted by Mission Control on 02/15/02 - 23:55:28
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... but he sure can FIGHT!" - Bob Weir

Remember that old story WEIR used to tell in '69-'70 ... no?  Maybe it was before your time.  

You typify what my post was about ... & it wasn't about bashing P+F ... it was about bashing the blind devotion of Deadheads (like you maybe?).  Try re-reading my post ... & re-listening to your P+F tapes.  His singing is self-deluded ... self-indulgent & bloody aweful.  Surrounded by a group of accomplished players & capable singers like Rob & Warren - he SHOULD NOT SING!

My post was mainly a response to Don Aters condemnation of JAZZ IS DEAD as elevator music.  JIMMY HERRING shredded on "The Eleven," worked out the complete "Terrapin" AND MORE with JID.  I have tons of shnfile boards of P+F ... where's JIMMY in the mix.  I've heard audience tapes ... where JIMMY in the mix?  Can you be honest ... or are you living out some Deadhead dream?  FYI: JERRY has left the building!!!  I am avid, DISCRIMINATING fan of 33 years ... I LOVE GRATEFUL DEAD!!!  But I don't buy into the "pocket full of mumbles, such are promises."  The fact that you enjoy the music is great ... FOR YOU!  The fact that I see through it ... is MY OPINION.  You're threat to NOT join JS3C is what?  My punishment?
Your threat to get rid of your ticket tomorrow night is what?  You punishing JS because I offended your delicate hipoie sensibility?  This board is about dialogue ... the more heated ... the more passionate ... the better.  I'm not zombified ... my dosin' daze are long past.  I'm not vilifying you for lovin' PHIL ... enjoy!  But I'm entitled to my opiniom, aren't I?

PS:  You want to see a stage-melting exhibition by living legends?  I suggest you go see THE WHO this summer.  Open your ears ... open your eyes ...

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