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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/15/02 - 23:11:28
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Phil Lesh sucks and bores me to death live.  His once a song every-so-often during the Dead days was more than enough for me.  Different strokes for different folks.

The Emperor's New Clothes is direct on point with the analogy of Deadbeats and their blind adulation of the Dead.  From the late 80's I often told people the Dead should call it a day because they literally turned into the Psychedelic Beach Boys.  Hell, I even used the Emperor's New Clothes as the basis with Paul last summer in my Jefferson Wheelchair, the Galactic Crutch Tour post.  There I portrayed ole Paul as the Flight Commander is wearing no flight suit because I believe he wasn't up to par and fans were not being honest with him.  

But the reason why I responded to your post is what I have been increasingly critical of Deadbeats (Anyone who became a fan of the Dead after 1975, I do not consider a Deadhead but that's for another time & post).  Its the underlying attitude you have that music should be free to everyone and musicians should not make money from their art.  But that attitude also flows into other areas of everyone's daily lives.  People have a right to make money no matter what they do (excluding illegal activities).  If I like something I'll pay for it.  On several occasions over the past 30 plus years I have had on occasion an extra ticket for all kinds of concerts.  Sometimes the ticket went unused.  But I never had a problem selling it at a premium before the show to someone who really wanted to see the show.  

The one thing that bothered me most about Dead shows from the early 80's on was the increasing number of people who showed up at the shows without a ticket and wanted a "Miracle Ticket."  Once at the Meadowlands I had an extra ticket because a friend canceled at the last minute.  So I offered it to a Deadbeat in the parking lot.  He was appalled that I wouldn't give him the ticket.  So a woman who saw what happened offered me $50 for the $20 ticket and I accepted the offer.  She offered me the $50 and I was only going to ask her for $30.  She was happy to get the ticket.  I was happy to unload the ticket.  And he was pissed because I wouldn't give him the ticket.  Like I said, a deadbeat!

As for how JS3C was presented to A-Deck.  I think MC & Paul did a good job of how they went about it.  You have the attitude and not the other way around as you believe.  It just seems that the people who wanted a freebie had the problem with the entire setup.  

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