A semi-Dead cover band may be CRAP or FAB, no matter WHO they are

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Posted by Ethel and Ray on 02/15/02 - 23:03:28
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Ray (and I) are thinking about ALL the VALID threads here. We'll be gettin' back to ya'll
about a variety of specific points that we feel
may help to characterize the situation more.....
at least from our historical perspective.

It may be sooner or later, but we have LOTS of thoughts here, and we appreciate the analysis.

And anyway, we we do need to bring the heads over-----so isn't that part of what we're really talkin' about?

Talked to a deep music gal backstage GAMH,
knowledgable wife of a player, and I could see some folks just can't get past our JS absent base player, for one thing, of course....BUT she was QUITE interested when I spoke about what was really going on, and in positive terms.


Fans, like citizens, can be active............
Paul etal. don't need the huge DEAD stress factor.....but they could enjoy an aprropriate amount of recognition and attendance.  

Something just a BIT more, and JUST RIGHT.
And more recording sales and exposure.

Just dreaming on as ever........

Later, and Love,
Ethel and Ray

The Dead kept and maintained a community vision as one after another died. Their work was experimental. Their seeds are widespread..........

Their SIGNAL was always strong.

Oh well----on and on and on..........

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