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Posted by don aters on 02/15/02 - 19:05:34
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New old, restructured, renditions, it doesn't matter if they play Mary Had A Little Lamb, my heart says that we're just fortunate that PK, marty and the band are still playing, regardless of song selection.
I once was at an Amboy Dukes show,the band included Andy Solomon, Steve farmer and a very youthful Ted Nugent.  Some idiot, like the ones that yell "Freebird' relentlessly for hous at any concert, kept saying, "Play this", or "Play this", and Nugent finally strolled to the microphone and addressed the situation as best he could.
His reply was, "If I play everything you want to hear, I'll be here for two days and it's my fuckin' show and I'l play what i want.  If you want your money back, go to the door and if they won't give it to you, I will.
It's all perspective and we all have favorite tunes but.......i like the attitude and the conviction from a guy that weighs about a buck-ten at the time.

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