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Posted by Kb on 02/15/02 - 19:02:06
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would recomend my guy Larry Cragg in marin county
Larry has done ALL PK's Guitars for 15 years or so
He is one of the best in the entire world!

Paul please dont read this part:----------------

when some fucking rotten airline prick [UAL] ran over
with a fork lift...aggggggahhhh!! [my foot would have been better]
smashed and destroyed pauls beloved open C tuning [BLOWS was written and played on guild 12 string guitar]
he was able to actually fix it over a 8 month time
frame he would glue one bit the size of a tootpick
on then wait a day for it to dry..then do a bit more...for months..spent a hundred hours on it.


he is a fucking genius..thats why people wait months to get stuff fixed and set up.
his ultra loyal clients are JS, Neil Young, Carlos Santana..Steve Miller.. ect..
E-mail me off line..if i bring it to his attention
he may get it on in a week or 2
a Beatle Bass? cool collectors item..
off to a sound check and gig with Pete Sears.

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