Delightful Musical Eveing

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Posted by Eth on 02/15/02 - 18:49:02
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Message Body the Old Music Box Theatre, otherwise known as the Great American Music Hall. The over-the-top
Rococo ceiling and balconies, the generous
dance floor with good sound, and the long history
of the GAMH, make it a very desirable venue.

The Merl Saunders event was so warm-hearted.
It began with Peter Koukanen and ?? , doing some EXCELLENT boogies and Dead covers like Fire on the Mountain, for one.  

Then Merl featured several revolving performers,
in addition to his core group---whos names I know not.  But GREAT percussion by a woman on congas and the drummer, two guest vocalists (one his grandson, that he kept calling "Toni,Doni,Tony" MC style), and two guitarists, Pete Harris and ??,
all well done and a treat!

The Koolest guest spot, though, was when Melvin Seals came out and he and Merl laid down "That's What Love will do to you", SHARING the keyboard...
playing it with their butts and elbows and everything else-smiles never leaving their faces.
What a treat.  We hadn't seen Melvin since the Jerry band--but his gospel based sound is forever!

I guess the knock down, rock-out fave of the evening was "Tore UP"---although the last wind-up funk number sent us home with a big charge.

The funnest of all was spending Valentine's with
Ray, and KB (whos'sweetness we won't mention), and Don and Kate, and Paul S.

I think Don got what he was seeking, other than the Stress Wounds!!!!

Reporting Live
El Sobrante, California

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