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Posted by Kb on 02/15/02 - 17:06:23
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once again, MC's post is "spot on" about everything

mr. garcia's unfortunate lack of care in playing
mr. weir's choice of band names
mr. lesh ruining a great rotating "modular" band
mr. kantner & mr. balin's undeserved relative obscurity
ratdogs boring sets and unability to draw crowds

did see ratdog at this years Black and White ball
was the best i have seen them..due to billy k
sitting in..a horn section..and guest jammers

2 times a year or so..
bobby plays a super private mens club in a gem of a theater [downtown SF] as a part of a all star blues review..

the last one i remember very well was one year ago today..
[blues for a broken harts] featuring
Steve Miller, Johnny Johnson, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart,
Terry Miller, jazz great Roger Glenn, Mike Varney,
the late Stu Blank [rip], Mario Cipollina
[a total of 25 musicians for that one]
they practice! for a few days, pick great songs, ie: aint supersitious, cc rider, reconsider baby, drinkin' tanqueray, Jet Airliner, The Joker..[notice the theme]
this cast revolves like clockwork..duos, trios, great solos..
no photos or recordings are ever made or allowed
the post party [on a differant stage upstairs]
was Steve Miller and friends..amid fat cigars and
rivers of napa red wines...way tooo much fun..

admission is highly sought after. nach..
members with reservations and male guests in suit and tie only.
you can not buy a ticket at any cost!
with it looking like a who's who of the SF scene
PK has been invited but is not into wearing a tie.

[hope no members see this post..shhhhhh]


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