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Posted by the roxster on 02/15/02 - 16:41:22
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It puzzles me to no end how most "Dead Heads" I've met have no knowledge or appreciation of Jefferson Airplane. I grew up in Detroit and was weaned on the MC-5 and The Stooges, and was lucky enough in my teenage years to see many great bands.I was unable to see The Dead live until the Touch of Grey tour, and was basically ignorant of the whole scene.Imagine my dismay when some blissed out 20 something sixties wannabe prevented me from reaching my tenth row seat as he was dancing in the aisle.As he instructed me to "mellow out" I elbowed his ass and told him this was not 1969 and to get the hell out of my way.The Airplane, Quicksilver, CSN&Y, and countless other great bands were the soundtrack to my life.How anyone could worship Garcia and ignore the rest is beyond me.My subsequent experiences at the three Gatherings I attended were also eye opening.Sure I miss the old days, but they are gone.Try smoking a joint in plain sight at one of todays large concert venues and see how long it takes before security pounces on you.Woodstock '94 and '99 were also ludicrous attempts to bring back the magic. My two cents...for what it's worth.....Peace

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