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Posted by don aters on 02/15/02 - 15:50:29
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Never been really friends with Bobby but.................I agrre that ratdog is a mostly on reconstructed "Dead" tunes.
The anem is repulsive, but fits the band.
As for Jimmy herring, he was a heralded guitar player long ago and actually a part of The Allman Brothers Family.
I like "Jazz Is Dead" but not at an outdoor venue with other bands of the era, and non-vocals.
true, Bobby can't sing and I don't think he was ever a gifted rythm guitarist of given acclaimation.
Keith Richards will hold that title.
I personally don't want to see Ratdog in The Poconos but, from the venue perspective, will draw more than JID.
As for Phil and Friends, with contracted guitarists, Herring and Haynes, if both played the same city, P&F would draw 30,000 and Ratdog, 3,00..........maybe.
I've said it before and i repeat, it's a travesty that Kantner & Balin aren't in The Songwriter's Hall of Fame and their live performances certainly
exceed anything that Ratdog could conjur recognition has made The Dead A.G.  (after garcia) another source of money maker for Bobby, and it's nothing more than a link to the band.  Perhaps they should have fired him when they had the chance years ago.

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