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Posted by Mission Control on 02/15/02 - 13:06:42
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Pardon my partisanship, but I produced ALL THREE JID recordings ... at least they have the good sense NOT to sing ... unlike PHIL!


Methinks you need read "The Emperor's New Clothes," wherein the king receives such overwhelming blind devotion, none of his courtiers have the courage to tell him, HE'S NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES!  Most Deadheads are just like that ... & it drove JERRY to an early grave.  It didn't matter how good or bad GAR played ... the fans were so zealous ... as to be entirely undisicriminating in the end ... so JER stopped caring how good he played or felt.

As for JID - you may note that PHIL 'nabbed' JIMMY HERRING from JID for permanent membership - ending the 'modular,' rotating aspect that made P+F so interesting to begin wuth.  Gone are the days (that's punny isn't it?) when Jorma, David Nelson, Derek Trucks or Paul Barrere forced the repertoire & arrangements to noodle back on themselves.

I am a life long fan & booked ALL the GD's, JG's & B+M's college shows between 1977-82, as their agent ... BUT IT MAKES ME SICK when I encounter persons or posts that afford this remnant of The Golden Road, kudos beyond what is deserved.  It's a cold universe indeed, where PAUL, MARTY et al sing like fucking nightengales, play from as large a rotating songbook as PHIL ... "go for it" with reckless abandon EVERY NIGHT ... yet toil in relative obscurity - ignored by the Deadhead community at large.  Now more than ever - "Deadhead" is an apt appellation.

As for BOBBY - I don't know who that guy is, fronting RAT DOG (the 2nd worst name ever rendered after "SCARING THE CHILDREN" - way to go WEIR!!!), inhabiting his body - it looks like him - but that can't be him.  'ACE,' (once upon a time) rock & roll's best chording/ rhythm guitarist ever ... has long trucked off to Buffalo, & I ain't referring to the city.  I don't care how many JERRY songs he sings - that band is terrible AND boring.  No wonder DARK STAR ORCHESTRA draws more people - which in & of itself is very sad.

Hey Don - you're such good friends with all the stars, I'll tell you what: ("Look out, 'cause here comes some free advice ...") Tell WEIR, there's a whole wonderful segment of your repertoire long abandoned ... maybe it went the same place as his hair.  BOBBY used to be a terrific interpreter of country & western ... wich is NOT the country music, those of you under 40 have come to now (& I have come to loathe (Shania Twain ... yuch!!!) - but the music of Marty Robbins, Merl Haggard, Ferlin Huskey, George Jones, etc.

So you Deadheads - it's time to break out your 1969-70 CDs ... shnfiles, mp3s ... cassettes for you seniors ... check out Bobby's read on "Silver Threads & Golden Needles," "Green, Green  Grass of Home," & "Long Black Limousine" to name a few & TELL ME I'M WRONG.  GO ON I DARE YOU ... I DOUBLE DARE YOU ... YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

... nothin' personal Don ...


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