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Posted by Don Aters on 02/15/02 - 12:12:04
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I love T. lavitz, especially from The Dixie Dregs an outdoor festival, in-house security, the preference is always going to be the bands that make you want to move your feet, no exceptions.
Pete sears is gifted, legendary and congenial, with a band of noted musicians from various bands of given acclaimantion, much better served on an agenda that includes, DNB, TC, Merl, Marshall Tucker Band, Levon Helm, perhaps JS and working on Phil & Friends.
The comment is not to demean the skills of "Jazz Is Dead" but.............after three songs, they all seem to sound the same so...........hence the comment, it's good for elevators, dental offices and sex, not neccessarily in that order.
Michael Cloeren called me this morning from PA and asked which i would prefer,'s either Kimock or Pete and if it can be worked out, I prefer to have Pete.
Of course, you're a woman, the chance that you could entice Michael to book JID may work, as gender sometimes has it's distinct advantages the case of band selection, pretty or not, Michael always listens to me.
However, I will listen to your rebuttal, partly due to your musical knowledge, partly because of your posts with content and partly because you're an attractive adult woman but.........I doubt any of that would get me to endorse JID for The Gathering.

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