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Posted by don aters on 02/15/02 - 11:23:55
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I spoke to Michael Cloeren early this morning, he's interested and it could have come down to either Pete or "Jazz Is Dead".
As much as i like T. Lavitz, if I want to hear elevator music, I will visit The Sears Tower in Chicago. It's a weekend with, Merl, TC, DNB, probably The Rowan brothers, JS is tentative but probable, looking into either Phil & friends or Ratdog.
Lots of random guest appearances as band members join together, lots of schmooze images and fan rapport with the bands.
Either way,..........EM me and i will send you Michael's work and home number.
Stayed to long last night, this incision burst and blood everywhere, but........I promised Merl i would appear with the iage of he and Chet.......so...........all you have are a few friends and your word.
Works for me
Don  925-947-3717

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