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Posted by W7 on 02/14/02 - 20:01:05
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I'm proud to say that I'm a happily married man!
My wife and I hardly ever argue and that's because 99% of the time I compromise.  Any man out there with a successful marriage knows that its their job to compromise.  She is the most beautiful and talented woman and there is very little that we don't agree on.
Do we fight? Our only fight was over Breakfast.
I don't mean the time of day, but I'm big on cooking breakfast for her and she wanted to cook breakfast for me.  It's the only thing we disagree on and the only time my wife ever compromised.
She did this not because I forced her,but out of love for me.  She now cooks the evening meal when
I come home.  Everytime I sit down to dine with her knowing that she has prepared the meal and has had to compromise to do it, I'm so thankful.

Our nights are long, slow, and full of meaning.

I would never think of trying to impose my beliefs
on her.  I've never quite understood the concept of
"Leadership skills" since I'm not sure what I'm really supposed to be doing in this life anyway, let alone try to tell others what to do.  She knows my weaknesses,knows how much I treasure my "alone" time and gives me just enough before we reunite.
I knew she had a large family to deal with  so I gave to the woman I love my most precious possession "free will".  All my friends said it was going to be impossible to catch a woman as fine as she is but ironically I was the one with the most reservations.  I knew what a commitment I was making and how much I would have to change to have it work.  Finally deciding "Change is good" off I went, and I have never regretted a single day of our lives entwined.  When we travel together we agree on how much baggage we are going to carry in advance.

I also would not be able to stand it if my wife was not completely  independent financially.  When I was young my mother was a banker,so I had to learn all these lessons about money.  Today I'm glad because the idea of a woman being at a loss for cash because someone else controls it, really turns me off.  We both control our own and we both do fine.  My wife seperately has enough money to keep her for the rest of her life if she chose to live alone.  She knows though that I would become a broken and heartless man if she did choose to leave me.

She's open-minded and listens to my bad ideas as well as my good ones.  When we communicate its with
quite understanding and few words.  We keep it simple.  She likes it when I'm loud and clear and tell my best friend (who I call B-movie) that I love him.  She is overwhelmed with joy when I express my deep love for her and for mankind and a smile bursts onto her lips.  It's so much better than hating the world,isn't it?  

And when I'm caught with my hard working (and constantly seeking money) next door neighbor's
trophy wife, she in her bikini, I in my speedo, in their jacuzzi, finishing off our second pitcher of margaritas, my wife is very patient.  And then I get to compromise some more!

My life was pretty bleak before or without her.
She's the reason I've moved ahead at all, and why I'm a perfect 10 as a husband.  This is my Valentine ode to the institution of marriage, isn't it the best fantasy going?

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