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Posted by Eth on 02/14/02 - 19:47:26
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Bob---you sweetie!
We Luv Ya Loads!  

Always so amused, and appreciative, and emotionally available!
Smooches and big Valentine squeeze.

The kids went home with their bags LOADED!
Off soon to the Merl Sauders Birthday Bash at the GAMH.  Quite a day.....

I keep thinkin' I won't talk much on here,
but GOSH--if you're gonna post cute messages like that, what's a gal to do?


It's been quite a revelation to me how phenomenal we girls are at bonding, connecting, communicating, transcending error, striving for a better thread, meeting, understanding, forgiving, etc.

I couldn't love guys more.......

But maybe this is what those guys who can't sing
mean't when they kept sayin' "Women are Smarter in Every Way"

HVDay! Bobby!

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