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Posted by Liz on 02/14/02 - 10:44:19
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I quote from various sources:

Valentines Day was named after the Christian patron saint of love,
but derives it's root from the ancient pagan traditions of the Roman Feast of Lupercalia.
February 14th was a festival to honor Juno, the Goddess of Women and Marriage, it was also the eve of the Feast of Lupercalia.

When Rome was first founded it was surrounded by a wilderness.  Great packs of wolves roamed over the countryside.  Among their many Gods, the Romans had one named Lupercus who watched over the shepherds and their flocks.  In his honor, they held a great feast in February of each year and called it Lupercalia.

On the Eve of Lupercalia one of the customs was a name drawing love-lottery.  Maidens would write their name on a slip of paper, drop it in a jar, and the men would draw a girls name from the jar. As chance directed, the girls whose name was drawn was assigned to be his partner and sexual companion for the duration of the festival.

Some of the Lupercalia rituals involved youths of noble birth running through the streets with goatskins thongs.  Young women would crowd the street in hope of being lashed with the sacred thongs as it was believed to make them better able to have children.  The goatskin thongs were the februa, the lashings februatio.....  hmmmmm, this feast of love is beginning to sound a little kinky!!!

I think it's time to listen to:
"When I Was A Boy I Watched The Wolves"


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