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Posted by Christo on 02/14/02 - 08:59:53
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Hi Kevin
1. I read VD gift as Venereal Disease gift which is something I dare say most would not like reveiving.

2. PMT - as they call it here -  I get PMT - post midday tiredness... - goes down equally as badly.

3. please don't say I have to go horseback riding...just NOT my thing

4. ex girlfriends - I'm still pals with all of mine so new partners hafta be cool with that - my last birthday bash 5 ex's turned up. Most partners are cool tho and understand that ex's are ex's for a reason.

5.I seem to remember Valentines was invented by a card salesman in the 30s...
Or was that fathers/mothers day - probably true for all of them...

Is everything alllllllllllll riiiiight...?

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