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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/14/02 - 07:08:04
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Hearts are like rooms, some are barren,  others clutter,  many are cold,  and some are warm and appealing.

Bet none of you knew I also wrote on the side ...

OK GUYS LISTEN UP!!! Women love:

1 - A sense of humor  
2 - Intelligence
3 - Communication
4 - Never buy X-mas, VD, anniversary, and birthday gifts at the last minute (they know & don't like it!!!).
5 - Compliment her at least once a day!!!
6 - Take her out to do things like walks, horseback riding, etc.. (baseball & football games don't count)
7 - NEVER joke with them about PMS meaning its Permission to Murder Someone ... you just may live to regret that one.
8 - NEVER, NEVER say she looks like she gained weight.
9 - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER say anything bad about her best girlfriend, no matter how much of a BITCH FROM HELL she may be.  
10 - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER tell them anything about your ex girlfriends.

What we get in return:
2 - No matter what we do we are always going to be in the dog house.  So ignore her when she complains. But don't let her see you roll your eyes into the back of your head.  Or her face of rage and anger  may be the last thing you see in this life.  
3 - Baseball season begins April 1.  GO A's!!!

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