HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  (yet another poem...)

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Posted by Chirp on 02/14/02 - 00:07:50
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You have been traveling.
I can see it in your eyes -
the unknown roads demanding new belief.
The light of your will in submission
to the pattern bringing us together.

I have been busy waiting,
putting fresh flowers on the table,
filling the lamps with kerosene,
arranging (as well as I could)
everything, so that you might feel
that you had arrived
at the right place
at the right time.

I am so glad that you could come.
And in honor of our being here together
Let us make a scratch on the wall of the cave.
We could talk.
We could begin with idle chatter.
I'll start
I'll say, "I love you."

by James Haba

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