Monterey Pop '67

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Posted by Paul S. on 02/13/02 - 19:19:49
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In the early 90's I taped a bootleg cassette with the entire Airplane set, as well as several tunes by the Byrds, The Who, Electric Flag, And Grateful Dead. High Flyin' Bird particularly tickled my frontal lobe. Then Jefferson Airplane Loves You comes along and lo and behold, High Flyin' Bird From Monterey(Well Alright!), but a different recording. A couple of years ago I bought an import CD copy of the JA set fom Monterey. Does anybody no the lineage or number of any recordings made? The bootleg cassette definately sounds like an audience recording, but some vocals/instruments are more pronounced than the cleaner sounding of either of the latter. I'm not sure if the JALY and the import CD are from the same source either but feel that they are not. (I don't have a tape player anymore). Maybe a different mix (if that was even possible)? I love them all. Peace,   Paul S. Oaktown by the bay (AKA "The Hood")   P.S. Suspiciously missing S.F. shows on tour dates. OUCH!! I'll have to think about Reno. Prison time for a joint does not appeal to me. And yes, 6 years living in "the south" made me paranoid. The NEW WORLD ORDER approaches. OOPS!#*$!* shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Carry the Fire ;)

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