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Posted by Cathode on 02/13/02 - 04:39:08
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Now that there are shows posted near me, I want to buy tickets but am not sure how to do so considering the JS3C benefit of the "tour laminate for free access to shows".  I'd like to order tickets for the Keswick show today but am not sure what to tell the theater.  I'll need to get my JS3C access (however that is done) with a seat next to the other tickets I want to buy. How do I do it?

On a related matter, I see there's a show listed at Tussy Mountain in Harrisburg, PA on 6/29 but that's a venue I'm not familiar with.  Are you sure you don't mean the Tussy Mountain Ampitheater in Boalsburg, PA near Harris Acres by State College?

Looking forward to seeing folks at the shows this year.


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