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Posted by Mission Control on 02/12/02 - 19:28:23
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How's that for stroking the clientele?
Seriously, though - your posts are amongst the most insightful & I appreciate your input.  As regards your boiler plate reply suggestions ... here's my Brooklyn, Ny version (think Tony Soprano ... I know he ain't from Brooklyn - but yooz get my drift!).

1) Y'want sorry!?  How 'bout a double tap to da back of your freakin' head!?

2) Yeah - ya brung it to my attention.  So freakin' what!?

3) Dis is my fault?!  Fugeddaboutit!

4) For each of da 20 freakin' emails you sent, how
'bout 20 whups upside yer muthaf****n head wit my Joe Pepitone Louisville slugger.

Now - how YOU macro-doin'?!

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