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Posted by Christo on 02/12/02 - 19:08:05
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There - see? you can do it !
Precise information, eloquently put - and now I know more - thank you for that explanation of what goes on.

As to the FY-ing - I was trying to say that we all do that on the board now and again - in fun and stuff of debating.
I was thinking thru the possible conflict of such badinage with the JS3C customer relations etc...

I did not mean to accuse you of FY-ing to anyone in particular...sorry if thats what I came across in saying - I'm sorry - that was not my intention.

The customer is still always right. I wish you luck in your new career of customer relations :-)

Good phrases to learn include...

"Oh I am sorry - I will rectify this problem very soon"

"Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention"

"I do apologise - this is all my fault  - this is what I'm doing to make things right"

" I can see by the 20 emails you sent me that you are concerned about this matter -  I will see to it right away"

- I think you can get some installed as macros on your email program.

You have our money
We are the masters now  :-)

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