Shttin' yer pants!

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Posted by The Fundamentalist Returns (Yet again!) on 02/12/02 - 15:46:55
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Gosh, it does seem like some brown stuff's been dropped in the past couple of days!

Messy, smelly little shitters!

Some of you  need to take note of Our Lady The Chrome Nun's words:-

"Don't you start pulling it apart/If you can't put it back together again".

Seems like some of you've been getting upset about the technical teething problems over JS3C payment processing.

(SHAME!!!!! on you, Eth (and Ray) for such nasty use of CAPS!) (And I thought you were a real promoter of human decency, Eth!)

Now, those who have seen my posts in the past will know I'm no friend to either Kantner or MC - in the sense that I believe the current management approach to JS produces a sub-par band. God knows why MC chose me to be on the Board - drunk? He's been on my personal Web Site, seen my piccie and fancies me? He thinks I'm Jesus Christ reincarnate?

One thing I will say about MC, though, accepting that he's a capitalist bastard - but, then, so was Bill Graham. (in spades!) - is that he impresses me as having a fair degree of integrity for a capitalist bastard. (Again, just like BG.)

In his own way, MC has values - for which he's prepared to stand up for!)

(Remember the oh-so-indigant moralised prattling when I mentioned Grace shagging Jorma - something Scott later confirmed as Grace having talked about in front of China on a radio show?)

So, while MC has dubious taste and a decidely-brusque attitude at times, I'd actually trust the guy when he says it's technical. After all, being the capitalist bastard he is, he wants your money next year and the year after - so no point fucking it all up now!

In any case, the ultimate arbitrator of integrity here - at least until all his smoking brings on complete mental fog! - is Paul Kantner.

For all his many faults - like, Paul, can we please have a new tune that isn't "Borderland" revisited yet again!! - I believe integrity is something Kantner lives on. And he wouldn't employ MC if he didn' trust him to do his best for JS - and part of doing the best for JS is looking after the fans!

So, Eth, stop getting your knickers in such a twist. (Translation point: "knickers" is English for "panties".)

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