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Posted by Mission Control on 02/12/02 - 15:28:48
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... Christo ... you accused me of 'flippin' the bird' (Am-slang for "FY's") - to fans.  This, I have not done.

As regards your suggestion of additional personnel - you are not the first to suggest this ...however, I have found that my typing speed & utility on the computer (netiquette faux pas aside), preclude this from happening.  If I have to 'tell' an assistant what needs to be done ... or dictate .. or proof read another's work ... when I can more easily interpolate my own ideas & thoughts to tablet or screen ... then I am operating as efficiently as I know how.

And it's not as if I DO EVEYTHING.  Paul directs much of our operation ... Artski provides all technical wizardry ... Denise @ CIA fulfillment is efficient beyond compare ... Snorky is our crew chief/guitar tech ... Tim Aller is the new boffo tour manager, FOH sound engineer ... Thomas Woodfil is our recordist ... Jerry Moore our resident artist & scribe ... Mike Thut our staff photographer ... & I am certain Keith Rice will contribute as soon he & I have spoken.  Then there are accountants, lawyers & travel agents whose work is invaluable.  So, as you see, I am but one small cog in the mighty AIRMACHINE (as you across the pond so affectionately call it).

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