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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/12/02 - 14:22:08
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Had I encountered a problem with JS3C.  I would go through proper channels to achieve professional resolution without escalating to the use of profanity.  Believe it or not you get more accomplished by saying as little as possible, using silence to control the situation, and being polite.  People respond in a much more positive manner because you not bringing fault to their attention.  When people do not try to resolve a problem there are other ways escalate a situation without profanity or public humiliation.    

The communication between you and Ethel was a private matter that could have been resolved in private.  She never should have posted it for public scrutiny.  I found that to be a deliberate and malicious act on her part.  

Keep up the good work MC.  Your dealing with the situation just fine under the present conditions.

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