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Posted by Ron S on 02/12/02 - 14:05:51
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I agree with your sentiment that "Anyone who takes it THAT seriously, might do well to rethink their priorities." I myself am as serious a fan as it gets of Paul, of JA/JS et al, my entire life was influenced/changed by the music, but some of the posts I see here in the name of "loving the music" are ludicrous. One sees comments over the past months like "this is making me tense" or "participating in this thread is very draining".


this is a MESSAGE BOARD on a WEBSITE about a ROCK AND ROLL BAND, however indeed important that band is. Computers have buttons that say "off" that can be pushed if you are becoming "tense" or "drained", or feel "insulted" or "hurt" in some way. If you do not push that button than I am to assume that you are enjoying the ride, so  stop complaining about evey little (or upper case). And if this website does make you feel that way I seriously suggest you start thinking about other things for a while.

Ron S

"somebody's got to sleep with the machines if you want to make the sky be your home..."

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