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Posted by Graham Shanks on 02/12/02 - 11:30:23
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Looking at some of the posts over the last day or two this site looks like it's getting NASTY!

This has been said before (by me, Adrian and some others) BUT how can some people slag off the Fulton site, where the discussion may be heated but generally reasoned, when (some) of the people on this site doing the slagging complain (vociferously) about injudical use of capitals!

My use of caps in this instance is intentional but, as has been said before, in some cases it may be accidental.

What happened to "live and let live" sortta attitude?

If I want to be rude to someone I'll just say bioyam-f and not even worry about whether I've used caps to say it.

Yours sincerely confused (and worried)


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