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Posted by Don Aters on 02/12/02 - 11:22:24
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I have no idea what is going on so...........but I do know this.  I often use capital letters just because I'm not all that proficient at this keyboard.  When that occurs, i never regress and do over, the essence is always within the structured text.
Constant bickering over politics, religion, bigotry are just fuel for an ongoing fire, it will never end.Just like listing bands.............if i could, it would be Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Jmaes Taylor with maybe a trade with The beatles but in reference to the last century if only three could be used in terms of impacting society, most everyone and every book will list Elvis, Dylan and The beatles.
Some access this site just to keep from speaking to themselves, unhealthy but unless you answer, probably will be allowed.
I doubt cap's has anything to do with voice inflection.
"Fuck you" or "fuck you" seems to convey the same thought and I doubt a "Speak & Spell" is mandated for usage of upper and lower case.
Maybe it's within the person that posts certain messages.  i have no problem with "fuck you" in either case or a culmination of both (fUcK)......
the gravity of the situation and the author of the text is probably synonymous with grammatical and punctuation errors.
For me, i just choose a side predicated on who is on it.........if Ray thinks he is correct in his defense of Ethel, then in my eyes he is correct.  That's his job, he loves her and by all means should take offense to anyone who implies disrespect or resentment to her, i.e., Kevin.
From MC perspective, keeping the peace among a myriad of personalities, or lack of, is not an easy task and i doubt capital letters were ever designed to be a clue for excessive volume.
Far be it for me to defend MC or anyone else, unless it is an obvious oversight or miscomunication but............spring is near, concerts on the horizon and things to do so.............let's get over it.
If you refrain from the political posts and "idiot editorials, you will find some thngs worth getting involved with on this site, otherwise, you might be better served tapping into "The Betty Ford Clinic", i.e., "hotline", if they have such a thing.

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