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Posted by Chirp to M.C.& all (> Richard Thompson) on 02/12/02 - 11:20:38
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Days late & dollars short, but I hate to let M.C.'s fine R.T. post get away just yet.

First, in light of recent events, perhaps your tact in not bringing up RT's "Now That I'm Dead" on the eve of poor Don's surgery should be specially noted.  Ooops: Forgot!  You DID bring it up, didn't you (with p.c. disclaimer). Shame!  Well, the same inner conflict ALMOST kept me from mentioning "The March of the Cosmetic Surgeons", but now that we know Don's on the mend, I can add that my favorite chorus begins with an operatic: "We hack & gouge, we hack & gouge all day..." [Hope you're feeling better, Don]

Onward.  HENRY THE HUMAN FLY was one of my favorite albums (& esp. "The New St. George")-- I'm so glad you mentioned it!  I never got the CD & thanks to you I spent last weekend scurrying around to find one. Apparently HENRY still holds the record for being Warner Bros. all-time worst-selling LP. Or so they say. Hard to believe... Can't wait to hear it again: thank you!
POUR DOWN LIKE SILVER is another one I love, and then there's SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS (just about every song on it tears me up).  

I had no idea you were RT's first U.S. agent & booked that tour (Richard & Linda Thompson - Spring, 1982, following SOTL & in the middle of what would be their divorce).  I was away & missed seeing them, which I'll always regret.  Sometime if you're so inclined, I'd love to hear more about their performances.  Legend persists...

In Patrick Humphries' bio of RT, the band members interviewed all refer to it as "The Tour From Hell", as if that were its official title.  There's a story about Jo Lustig, their mgr, having lied to Linda about the length of the tour, & after two excruciating weeks in close quarters, she found out there were two more to go... (The whole thing must've been quite an experience for YOU, M.C.)  What guts on everyone's part to keep going & honor their commitments to perform... And you're right: especially THOSE songs "of heartbreak and regret".

Speaking of which:  Did any tapes of those shows (with both R & L) ever surface?  I know that Joe Boyd/Hannibal recorded either the Santa Cruz or the GAMH show...but whichever one it was, Linda didn't perform that night.

Ahh!  Out of time.  I did go see RT last weekend & a couple people have asked about it offline -- I'll post something when I get home tonight.  Thanks again, M.C.; I learn a lot from your posts --


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