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Posted by Christo on 02/12/02 - 07:21:26
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Deep peace of the running wave, my children

"How do you know you are God?"
"When I pray I find I'm talking to myself"
- from the film The Ruling Class with O'Toole.

I hate to say I told you so but I did...
I said those who run the JS3C would require tact, patience etc to co-ordinate 500 crew members and 5 steerers.
MS and WM (tho I sense he has been working on this lately) are not known for these skills. Sometimes those with the visions and great ideas are not the best people to run things on a daily basis - which require different skills of an equally important but more mundane nature.

This is another thing with the JS3C
We are now customers - the customer is always right, no matter how they are annoying you.
Situations like this misunderstanding CANNOT be allowed to arise - and as for suggesting sharing emails of one customer to be judged by the others? - no - just no.

Your relationship with JS3C members cannot be the same as it was when we were all hollering and FY-ing for fun on the board. You are now running a company with a 50,000 a year capital input, which means also you must be up to the task of running an efficient customer complaints dept. Failure to do so will result in a sorry 1 year only flight for our spacecraft.

Information with clarity, tact and politeness - even, or especially,  when we are wrong. Are you up to that task?
We shall see...

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