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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/12/02 - 01:30:51
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Ethel, Since day one on A-Deck you have been nothing but a controlling high maintenance pain in the ass!  The world is not a perfect place.  People are not perfect.  Sometimes we all say things out of frustration that we realize later that we shouldn't have said.  And sometimes we just ignore what was said to keep the peace.  But you make an issue of everything that is not to your exclusive liking.  

The truth of the matter is that you are your own worst enemy because you are so naive.  Its always someone else's fault.  You have problems with me, you have problems with MC, you have problems with the Webmeister, you have problems with Paul K, you have problems with Jesus, you have problems with the donkey cart, you have problems with problems, etc..  Ethel, do you see a pattern here?  Its always someone else that is the problem and it's never you.  Why is that?

yes i know:  I'M SHOUTING AT YOU!!!


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