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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/12/02 - 00:34:36
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Washinton D.C., February 11, 2002.  Guns & Bush's announced today that the 80 thrash rocking liars will reunite for a new album and tour, tentatively titled Appetite for Destruction.  Legendary Texas badboy Axis Bush and Montana wannabe Viagra-Slash, and Pissy Ashcroft will reprise the Evil Empire Lies that were perpetrated in the 80's.  

Axis, Viagra, and Pissy built their fame upon their Bad Obsession with committing the Perfect Crime with the ENRON Rocket Queen, Ken Lay.  Many times at night people passing ENRON offices heard Ken Lay yell to the Axis & the boys "Back Off Bitch" and "Don't Blame Me for Bad Apples."  With all their Double Talkin' Jive Its So Easy for them to be Estranged from reality.  Your Crazy if you think they Think About You.  

The first hit single released by the reunited Guns & Bush's is Shotgun Blues backed with Knockin On Heavens Door and was performed at a private 2:00AM gig Right Next Door to Hell for a Texas Justice of the Peace.  With all the anticipation of the public's interest in the new band these Nice Boys will have no Patience for anyone who try to Get In the Ring with them.  Its a sure bet they will turn opponents into Dust & Bones like a Dead Horse.    

Welcome to the Jungle ...

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