the ear of the behearer

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Posted by Cricket on 02/12/02 - 00:19:23
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Paul S., you're an interesing guy, following up your steaming FY's with "Can't we all get along?"  Hmnn, let me think about this a bit further...

I understand that you were offended by the post you mentioned -- but, for what it's worth, I laughed out loud at that Taliban comment (which I found both funny & thought-provoking). Pit-bull?  C'mon!  Maybe a worked-up terrier pup whose biscuit you just dangled in front of him & then ate, but you can't tell me that remark drew blood, or that you're a cyberhemophiliac... I can tell you're not!

To me it'd be a shame to lose the kind of colorful speech, wicked humor, sarcasm, passionate rants, etc. that [on most days] I really love here.  In fact, if all this keeps up, I'm going to post a big one of those myself!

Remember:  If we don't lighten up, the terrorists win...

Oh, excuse me.  I forgot: you might BE one...

p.s. Do do I have to say "For chrissakes, I'M KIDDING"...


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