I have to admit MC and Webster...

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Posted by Paul S. on 02/11/02 - 23:18:30
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CAN BE FUCKING ABRASIVE, INSULTING, AND "DAD LIKE". Quite annoying. Many posts ago I told MC he was crazy for comparing U2 Unforgettable Fire to Jimi Hendrix's Electric lady Land. While admit I wasn't very descriptive I'm not sure it warrented the senseless babblings of asking me if I was the Taliban or just played one on the board. FUCK YOU MC!! STEAMING!! Can't we all get along. Sensorship sucks and lashing out like a fuckin' pitbull doesn't help anything. So anyway, Jefferson Starship rules, I'm checking my mail everyday, the war rages on, waitin' on some JS dates, wondering what happened to the picture page on JS3C,and damn it was a beautiful day by the bay today. Hey Paul!!Peace to all. YOU TOO MC!!  (; :)

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