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Posted by Cricket on 02/11/02 - 23:10:10
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Eth, M.C., Ray...
     I am so fond of all of you, & respect you & enjoy your company here. I have no idea what happened in your exchanges, & to be honest, although I'm concerned for each of your feelings right now, I'd hate to become involved in this via some kind of public debate over your private emails.  Can you try talking to each other again & see if you can work this out offline?  
     Frankly, before an offline discussion a couple of weeks ago re: some previous mishegas (sp?), I also didn't know that some people consider CAPS to signify yelling.  I tend to use them for emphasis & tonal shading -- including for expressions of LOVE.
We could all use more of those.
     Please take some time to cool off & try again.  You are smart, goodhearted people -- I absolutely know this about you; I believe you can work this out.

Do I hear a Beatles tune in here?

with love,


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