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Posted by Mission Control on 02/11/02 - 22:19:44
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... I feel it is essential that I clear the air, whether or not our beloved Eth's ire can be assuaged - is altogether another matter ... entirely dependent on her.  In truth, this is not a matter of public interest, but Eth has made it so.

A short while ago, she emailed me that she had not received The Society's codes, having processed off-line payment last week.  I offered her the truthful explanation, AND advised Artski to get her going, despite the fact that proper payment had not cleared.  My email to her contained capitalized words, which I was unaware - are considered e-YELLING or e-SCREAMING!  As a New Yawker, I tend to yell & scream anyway - but that's another matter.  Seriously though, I was unaware of this protocol & DID capitalize several words ... none of them profance, rude or defamatory.  If this goes any further, then I may have to post the email exchange for review, by the court of public opinion.

Nothing I posted warranted the "FYs" that were Eth's response.  I am speechless by the level of hostility contained in her reaction.

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