Next Monolith will be 2010 & 2069

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/11/02 - 21:58:07
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Oh well, if some of the Neanderthals didn't touch the monolith the first time around.  There is always 2010 for the year we make contact.  After that is 2069 and then I think it's God we get to talk with ...  

In Pennsylvania there is a celebrated murder case.  Turns out two loser Neanderthals were drinking heavily at a bar one night.  They got into an argument about who was a better shot.  So they made a bet as to who was a better shot.  To settle the bet they went out to the parking lot and took turns shooting beer bottles off each other's head.  The first primate shot and knocked the bottle off his bud's head.  The next primate took a shot and missed the bottle and killed the other primate.  The jury handed down second degree murder conviction.  Who is the winner and the loser?

Anyway, that's my contribution for the Darwin Awards for today.  Anyone else have a story of monumental intelligence about some of our more intelligent species who cannot even find the monolith, let alone touch it?    

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