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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/11/02 - 21:41:50
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Nope, I wasn't at that gig.  In a moment of self amused laughter I came up with White Windows in about 5 minutes (twice as long as the song).  Sounds like the gig was a hoot and a half.  But the days of the dot.bombs and dot.cons are gone. THANK GOD!!!  

Network security is a hot skill to have right now.  Anyone going into technology as a career should specialize in databases or applications like SAP, PeopleSoft, Baan, etc..  Those people will always be in demand.  The heady days of the Java Developers and Network Engineers are numbered.  Besides I like to avoid heads-down developers ... not very personable people.

One gig I was at, was the 1995 Family Dog show.  The first Internet concert broadcast.  Pretty good show as I recall.  A few days later I got a call from some guy named Humphrey who worked the video monitors.  He told me there were plans to sell videos and CD's of concerts if the legal hurdles could be taken care of between the Family Dog and bands.  Guess they never got the clearances and all those shows are sitting in the can some place.  It was rare to see the JS with a double drum set up.  That set up gave Ride the Tiger and extra kick.

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