White Rabbit for corporate gig

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Posted by Kb on 02/11/02 - 14:50:53
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sounds like you were at the san jose gig we did
for a computer data secutity company 3? years ago at the start of the week long conferance,in the dark..the [surprise] band was introduced..and
then launched into jack's bass line intro to WR
the song was sung with lyrics to fit the setting.
like "go tell clinton..i thing he'll know"
a teleprompter helped DM remember the new words.
super high video production values were in place.
a jib..[crane] many beta SP cams..running at once
the crowd was suprised, stunned even, laughing at
the funny words..a KILLER way to open a meeting!
then as you know 2 1/2 minutes later as
their CEO was riding out on a giant trogen horse
it was over..with a promise to return 4 days later
for a lavish gig for 5000 at the San Jose arena.
the event got super dry 10 seconds after the song
with lines like "the 4th quarter revenues were"
the gig was great..12 sushi bars..martinis flowin
[our sound man [NOT MC!]was in a super foul mood]
i got to stay at the fairmont hotel for a week..
and even got a high quality video copy of the song
later from some pals with the production company.
if it had the normal? words it would be usefull..
but its just plane strange...mabey paul/MC could
show it to a private fan gathering one day..??

cheers from a sunny 49 sqare mile city by the bay

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