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Posted by bugsy on 02/11/02 - 12:24:10
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Sounds like a good plan, M.C., & here's why I think so:

(BTW: Wish I could say I was just speaking for myself, but -- well, there's the rub)...

Seems to me, none of us around here needs to worry all that much about IDENTITY THEFT (post "The Unmasked", at least)...It's just the opposite, -- all these accretions! -- that concerns me. Perhaps you noted that just this past weekend, we had part of a sandwich harassing our webmaster?  (BT)

What would we do if all these new identities we sprouted around here ALL wanted to use Mastercard & Visa?  
Hey, now that I think of it, that might be a good way to increase JS3C membership. (You did once ask for our ideas, remember?)
Could you let us know how many are included in the basic plan?

Many thanks (literally),

chirp, cricket, flying bug, Agent C, bugsy

[ musical score: "Who knows what tomorrow may bring?" -- Traffic ]

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