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Posted by Christo on 02/09/02 - 21:50:08
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To err... is human - to totally fuck up requires a computer....
We are on your side

Olympics - I always thought with all the hassle with drugs at the olympics that there should be 2 olympics - one which is drug free as is supposed to be. And another olympics where ANYTHING goes - steroids, genetic enhancement, speed, whatever
The comparison in times etc, would be interesting and there would be less hassle all round.

ps - KBC on the stereo now - always had a soft spot for Hold Me - sing it one time for me Marty...
The album sounds better with the passage of time than it did at the time...
America on now - meisterwerk, Herr Doktor, denke ich.
woah - No More Heartaches on NOW - it really appeals to that last vodka & orange :-) - Another great Marty performance...

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