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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/09/02 - 15:37:05
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You should be glad you don't generate controversy like I do.   I believe you are one of the very few people who I have not managed to disturb in some way.   If I have, then I am not aware of it, or you have not shared it with A-Deck.   You have in many ways been the unofficial peace keeper on A-Deck with dry wit and common sense.   As for me on the other hand, I call it like I see it with a twist of humor.  

I couldn't have agreed with you more about the Lennon/McCartney song writing team.  They were more suited for writing jingles to sell Toyotas and Pop Tarts.  There is one critical factor that played in the success of the Beatles and it was all in the timing of the band. Their appearance on Ed Sullivan with their squeaky clean long haired looks shocked a nation still trying to come to grips with the assassination of Kennedy.   Had Kennedy not been assassinated they would have faded into the hinterlands of oblivion.

I can understand your questions about why Americans traveling to the UK would want to visit Liverpool.  Its the same thing in San Francisco for people to want to visit 710 Ashbury and 2400 Fulton.  Its like an unwanted old ghost that lingers in this city.  To the extent of being icons for those who embrace the image of the Peter Pan lifestyle and mentality.

You may not think much of Shakespeare as a writer.  But you definitely have mastered Mark Twain's wisdom of exercising tact.  And very admirably I might add!

As for a mug shot, I'm not sure if I should submit a portrait photo or a rifle target ...

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