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Posted by Ron S on 02/08/02 - 23:30:43
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You mention the back page of the BATE libretto.

In the May, 1972 issue of the short lived but cool Rock & roll magazine "Words and Music",There were individual interviews with Paul, Grace, Papa John and Joey Covington. Paul was asked about that
invitation on the back page.

Q: How many replies did you get from your "call to a Journey in Space" on the Starship?  

PK: Oh, we're still getting them. Every which kind. Some guy from Hawaii sent in a whole bunch of classified information on the relative structure of the universe. He worked in the observatory there. I tried to use some of it on my album but RCA wouldn't let me print any of it because it was classified. Totally unreal; it sounds like a German car manual in terms of thousands of words.

Ron S

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