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Posted by Eth on 02/08/02 - 19:06:39
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TO the best of my knowledge, corrections

MC is Michael Gaimen--he manages the band, and the sound, and looks after us--as he also manages and develops other "rock" projects!

Webmaster is a personage otherwise known as Artski--He manages and develops the technical configurations of the deck--and to excellent effect.  I believe he also runs several other decks.   BUSY people.......

KB, otherwise known as John is a great music man,
and behind the scenes producer and orchestrator
of live performances, who has worked near the starship for decades--as well as with Pete Sears,
Shana Morrison, and many others.

Keith Rice is a independent writer, and high school teacher in the UK, with Vast Knowledge
of the history of the Starship--enough to write a book. And he's not SHY.........

Welcome to the Rough Riders of the Starship!

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