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Posted by Paul S. on 02/08/02 - 18:39:27
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So we'll be getting the book too. COOL!! :) In your email regarding the shipments to be carried out over the next 3-4 weeks only said CD. Singular, GET IT? Being the Webmaster and holding such a high level of rank and importance in this trek, maybe you should read what you write before you email it out to all hands on deck. And no, I'm not a fucking moron with $100 bills to throw at the wind or wipe my ass with. Quite contrary, I assure you. One suggestion I would like to make : Who is Webmaster, Mission Control, KB, or any alternate post names or anyone I forgot,and where are they/you located? Keith Rice-U.K., and ?????. "Love aint gonna be there, no kind of way until there is peace and understanding first" JIMI HENDRIX.  PAUL S. Oaktown by the bay.

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