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Posted by Feline Fundamentalist on 02/08/02 - 15:58:48
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Much intrigued by your reference to the Greek Goddess of the Hunt - of whom the Roman Diana was but a carbon copy, so to speak.

I named my cat "Artemis" when I got this 4-week old bundle of kitten fur 11 years ago. Through changing women and economic crises, Artemis and I have stayed together all this time. And for a time, she really was "a mighty hunter of little voles". Though these days it's a real effort to get her outside. My current habitat is a concrete jungle and it doesn't suit her so well.

She was in front of the PC whenI attempted to download the Papa John 75th Birthday bash - a nightmare on a 56 bps dial-up by the way! (anything you can do to ease the pain, Webmaster?). One blast of Casady's bass on "Sunrise" and she ran for it.

Tsk! Tsk! Clearly not a true Star Catdet!

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